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Let’s hate

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India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters.

Everyone remembers saying that during their school assembly mornings. And as we grew up, we also made fun of the second statement. But let’s face it. We are making light of this statement again.

Open Twitter/Facebook any day and you will realise how far have we come across from calling all Indians as our brothers and sisters. Yes. Because now they have become our enemies.

We troll. We abuse. We use racial slurs. We dig up other’s past posts and call them out. We save screenshots of every tweet or fb post that we didn’t agree with. We dedicate our online lives to spew hatred everywhere. We do while sitting in the garb of our lazy AC rooms and comfy chairs. We write #Notallmen whenever we see a woman sharing her story. We blame women of playing the victim card. We use the power of Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro to create false narratives and stories. We give death and rape threats to women to silence them. We report those accounts to police whose views don’t align with ours. We stalk others. We share their personal details so that our friends can also get in on the action of hating and abusing them. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Not all of us do it from behind the screens.

Some of the bravehearts go out on streets and protest against Social media companies because how dare they take action against abusive accounts? Others go and threaten people from other community, caste, religion, place because how dare they try to live peacefully? We make sure people are fired from their jobs and removed from their communities because you don’t like them.

Hating is in. Living and letting others live in peace is out. We are not okay if someone criticises or questions the government but we are perfectly okay if someone gives rape threats to women. Because she deserved it? Right? This was her fault.

We are perfectly fine if we wage another war where more of innocent soldiers and civilians will die because revenge is more important than safeguarding our own countrymen from hatemongers. Right?

Every year terrorists manage to kill several thousands of people. But since that is not enough, let’s kill more with our hate. Right? Let’s kill more with our hate.

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